Artist Development

We offer a full range of services to further your musical career:

Full Management
Ad Hoc Management

Are you an artist with talent, determination and drive seeking the right guidance to further your musical career? Are you looking for that last piece to the puzzle that allows you to solely focus on the music? We just might be the answer for you! We can manage every business, strategic and financial aspect of your career to help take you to the next level. Be forewarned: we are very discerning about the clients that we offer this service to. But if this sounds appealing to you, let's talk! Contact us at:


If you are an artist or talent manager having difficulty handling a specific aspect(s) of your or your client's career, then let us help! We offer fee-based a la carte talent management services, too.


Do you need advice in your musical career? Not sure where to turn? Let us help! Hiring a manager may not be in your budget. But that doesn't mean you should be allowed to make poor decisions. Guiding Light Talent Management offers fee-based advisory services on all aspects of the music industry.



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